We The Anavils

Anaval : The native place of anavils.

It is said that Lord Rama performed Yagna with once a vast & beautiful capital unfirling the flag of its glory till distants lands.

At one time learned, pious, brave Anavil Brahmins used to reverberate its environment with Vedmantras legend says that Lord Rama got Anaval constructed by Vishwakarma. All deifies settled to moditate worship here.

The name ANAVAL is skanolpuran is found as Anadipur, Anaditirth. It is derived from sanskrit word An + aver (un + our) = Non other, the best.

Present Anaval is about 30-35 kilometers south of MAHUWA (Taluka place) it is about 35-40 km. east of Bilimora can be reached by narrow guage train or by S.T. bus. Buses also available from VALSAD, NAVSARI & SURAT.

Once a flourishinf city left remain of old dilapitated houses & a fort, famous Ayeen -e- Akbary by francis gladurin says Anaval had a stone fort. The city expanded to 9-10 miles. Big doors, lattiices, verandahs, niches, corridors, massive gates are described by poet xallabh, even today ruined shapes of buried remnants of houses & Tulsi Kyara in bushes of gangadia tell volumes about the past of ANAVAL.

Anavils left the city in 1152 V.S. & spread over the whole of south Gujrat (Vapi to Tapi)


The oldest SHIV TEMPLE between Vapi to Tapi.

The Linga here is swayam-Bhu self appeared & is mentioned in Ramayana & Mahabharata, Mahadev himself says :

Mam krodho gastu atra tasmat sukleshwaram param II
Atra Ahm cha vashishyami Tathaiv umaya swayam II
(My anger is subsided over here so the name Sukleshwar & it will give moksha to all devotees. I with my shakti Abhaya (Parvati) shall reside here)

The lord made his abode at the confluence on the northen bank of the river Kaveri. Here lete kharera too meet holy Kaveri.

Lord Rama, Shukdevji, Maharshi Sanak, Sanandana made Anavar tirth a highly pious Tirth.

Besides this ogis, Mahatmas & persons like CHANAKYA have recognized this as a pilgrim place having spiritual atmosphere for the ultimate realization of God.

Even shri Ganda Maharaj (Shri Yoganand Saraswati) passed a full four months renancial period here. He used to stay in a hut in the outer portion of the Shivalaya. The Anavil society reconstructed & repaired the temple of Mahadev. The last available reconstruction date back to 1903 by Nichabhai Haribhai Desai of Degam village & so 2003 is celebrated as a centenary year in memorium.

In short this is a highly powerful, pious place with years of live penancial vibrations of from generation of presents period.

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